Postdoc101 Talk Series: Gender Aspects in Grant Proposals

06.07.2022 | Online | 16:00-18:00 Uhr | Sprache: Englisch | Host: TUM ForTe / TUM Talent Factory | Thema: Gender Aspects in Grant Proposals | Mit der Munich Postdoc101 Talks Reihe bietet die TUM Talent Factory in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Munich Postdoc Network eine Online-Ringvorlesung zu verschiedenen relevanten Themen an, die für Postdoktorand*innen von besonderer Bedeutung sind.

Description: An appropriate integration of gender aspects is key to successful grant applications, not only on a European Level. Other major funding bodies such as the DFG have also made it an explicit point of consideration in the project. However, it is the European Commission that makes gender aspects an explicit evaluation criterium with respect to scientific excellence. Their constructive integration into the research design delivers a higher quality of the research itself as well as a higher relevance of the research results. Therefore, I will introduce the different facets of gender aspects in grant proposals and present in an interactive discussion interactions from various disciplines. Following this, we will dive into some hands-on instructions on how to identify

  • how the formulation of the research questions is influenced by the gender of the proposal writer,
  • which aspects of sex, gender and diversity are part of the research “object”,
  • how the proposed research methodology allows the research to uncover and/or integrate sex, gender, and diversity aspects,
  • how the research results themselves reflect sex, gender, and diversity, and
  • how these aspects are considered in the dissemination of the research results.
  • You will also get a collection of helpful links for diving into further details.

Speaker: After obtaining her PhD in Astrophysics, Dr. Sabine Preusse decided to quit academia in 2006 and to move on to the project management of European Funded Research projects in the Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum. Besides writing grant proposals and being a project manager in the field of production technologies, she further trained herself as a business economist (IWW) and a professional business trainer. With this, she founded her own company RaumZeit e.K. Coaching Training Beratung in 2011 and is now (also as a professional business coach) supporting researchers at all levels and from all disciplines in grant proposal writing, the implementation of research projects, dissemination and exploitation of project results, and Open Educational Resources.

Since 2011, Sabine Preusse has given more than 150 two-day workshops on grant proposal writing and more than 80 coaching sessions with respect to grant proposal writing, design of research projects and career for young researchers, postdocs and professors.