Talentmanagement & Diversity Board

Within the Talent Management & Diversity Board, the Senior Vice President for Talent Management & Diversity, the Gender Equality Officer, the Equal Opportunity Officer, and the Vice Deans for Talentmanagement and Diversity meet on a regular basis to ensure that school-specific measures are closely meshed with the overall TUM diversity strategy. Reports from the Talentmanagement and Diversity Board are included in the meetings of the TUM Extended Board of Management (EHP) as a agenda item.

Members of the Talentmanagement & Diversity Board

Sevior Vice President for Talent Management & Diversity

Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus 

Vice Deans Talentmanagement & Diversity in Schools

Gender Equality Officer and Deputy

Dr. Eva Sandmann
Dr. Mine Sargut

Equal Opportunity Officer and Deputy

Dr. Clarissa Ruge
Dr. Veronika Diem