Gender Equality Officer

In the elections of the Gender Equality Officer for the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Dr. Eva Sandmann and her deputy, Dr. Mine Sargut, were unanimously elected in March 2023 by the Senate. The new term of office ends on 31.03.2025.

Eva Sandmann holds the Gender Equality Office of the Technical University Munich since April 2008. Gender politics have been continuously changing, starting from the outer margin of the University at the beginning (1989), towards a predominant, central part of higher education politics. It gave (and gives) insights in the strategic development of the University and offers a wide range of action possibilities. The political (part time) office opened her a valuable teaching framework within the field of bio-/environmental ethics (in diverse study lines) over the years.

“The desire to contribute, towards greater equal opportunity in higher education and translate the ethical ideas and the legal framework into the university daily life was a powerful source for inspiration for me. The golden mean, often a pragmatic solution, to reach another level towards the aimed goal, without leaving the creative power out of sight!” Eva Sandmann

The new Bavarian legal framework on higher education (BayHIG) coming into force next year, highlights gender politics in predominant parts (Art 22) and addresses the support for female scientist through a demanded set of target numbers in all disciplines (Art 23). This gives the representative for female scientists (gender equality officer) a better argumentation setting for the advising duties within the board meetings.