Women in STEM Round Table

With the "Women in STEM Round Table" format, we want to show inspiring role models to have STEM careers being discussed live. We want to inspire, encourage and support.

All FINTA* bachelor’s and master’s students as well as doctoral students and postdocs at TUM are invited, plus STEM-interested schoolgirls and thus women, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender people.

The Staff Unit Diversity & Equal Opportunities won the Google exploreCSR award at the end of 2022. The "Women in STEM Round Table" is a series of events that was developed by the Staff Unit as part of this award. In January 2023, the first "Women in STEM Round Table" took place very successfully. The second event will now follow in June 2023.

Women in STEM Round Table 2.0 with Coaching Sessions on June 26th

What it’s like to work as a scientist in an area where there are (yet) only a few of you

What it's about and what you get out of it

For our “Women in STEM Round Table 2.0”, we have invited female role models who work as scientists in various research areas – and who all studied in STEM fields and work as professors. They will give you insights into the following questions:

  • What is it like to oftentimes being one of the few women or even the only woman in the room?
  • What are ways to stay resilient in a male-dominated environment?
  • How do I navigate an academic STEM career path?
  • How do I combine my job with my family (relationship, caring for children or elderly)?
  • What are the biggest challenges in my day-to-day work life?
  • What are things I wish I had known when I was a STEM (PhD) student?

Your bonus: The role models will take time to answer your personal questions in a Q&A session.


Coaching sessions in small groups on your topics

After the panel discussion and after your questions have been answered, coaches will be available to discuss the following topics with you in small groups:

  • Impostor syndrome: How do I get rid of the thought that I don't really belong in the STEM field and it's only a matter of time before someone notices?
  • Resilience: How do I strengthen my skills to work through past challenges and deal with potential crises?
  • Dealing with stress and pressure: How do I deal with feeling overburdened and overwhelmed and how do I free myself from them?
  • Academic career: Which steps will help me on the way to becoming a scientist?
  • Decisions about your own future: How do I know which professional development is the right one for me, how do I find my way?


We'll show you: You're not alone!

For a woman to decide for a STEM degree or a research career might sound challenging to some and it might be self-evident to others – it can definitely be rewarding! However, many women might feel as if there aren’t that many other women taking that road as the numbers of women in STEM show.

But: These women are not alone and you are not alone! You will meet interesting and inspiring women on our panel who have built successful academic careers with their STEM studies.

Impressions from the Women in STEM Round Table 2.0

All pictures by Andreas Heddergott / TUM


Dr. Alina Gales, alina.gales@tum.de
Host: Staff Unit Diversity & Equal Opportunities, Technical University of Munich

The Women in STEM Round Table 2.0 is supported by the Google exploreCSR research program.