Regular childcare

Regular childcare allows staff and students with children to pursue their career or studies. But what childcare options are available and when is the right time to start with care outside the immediate family? In addition to day nurseries and childcare centers, alternative forms of care such as childminders or nannies are also worth considering.
Find out about typical childcare options here. Another helpful source of information is the "Elternbrief EXTRA" from the Bavarian State Youth Welfare Office (PDF, German only).

Regular childcare facilites at TUM

Regular childcare facilites outside of TUM

Flexible childcare

For parents, a work appointment or a teaching event outside of their regular childcare hours can be problematic. Where can you find someone to look after your children while you are away? We can help you out by suggesting a number of flexible childcare options.

Flexible childcare at TUM

Flexible childcare outside TUM