Individual Coaching

Target group: female scientists and female science manager

What can I expect?

Our individual coaching offers counseling and advice for a restricted period of time regarding professional problems and conflicts. A coach assists you in addressing conflicts, problem solving, or improving your learning skills and job performance.

We  work with a pool of highly-qualified coaches from both the academic and business sectors. From this pool, we will recommend a coach, with whom you make your own appointment. We will fund a maximum of 4 hours, billed directly to us by the coach.

Costs: None
Condition: Completion of an online questionnaire at four points in time

Contact: Anja Quindeau, Systemic Coach and Team Coach (SHB)


The coachings are assisted and evaluated by a research project at the Chair for Strategy and Organization of Prof. Isabell M. Welpe.

Feedback of Coaching participants

"The preparation was excellent. All the aspects we had discussed were covered and were important as a basis. The last of the total of four sessions was therefore really essential for me. Many thanks for that!"
Science Manager of the Faculty of Medicine

"Thank you very much for the coaching sessions. I enjoyed them and I hope the ideas we shared will be helpful for my next steps."
Doktorandin der Fakultät für Maschinenwesen

"The industry is still very difficult for women and so it was very helpful for me to work out a few topics professionally with a coach."
PhD student TUM School of Engineering and Design