Ferien Akademie

The Ferien Akademie for female students and scientists was initiated by the women’s’ representative of TUM and takes place every year in the evangelic academy in Tutzing since 1994.

This meeting is unique throughout Germany and offers a forum for the participants, to present their work in Units.

To think outside the box of their own subject and having fun doing it? This is exactly what the Ferien akademie is offering: exchange with other female students or experienced scientists, insights in economy and politics as well as a lovely ambience right at the Starnberger lake.

The Ferien Akademie takes place every year in October in Tutzing. At an inspiring Meetingplace the ferien Akademie offers many possibilities to expand your horizon.

This Meeting is organized by the women’s representative of TUM, the university of Augsburg, the munich Hochschulgemeinde und by the evangelic academy Tutzing.