Coaching offers at TUM


TUM offers a wide range of coaching services for different target groups. Coaching is a temporary consultation for professional or study-related questions and conflicts. The coach assists in the realization of a concern or the solution of a problem as well as in the improvement of learning and performance.

Occasions for coaching can be:

  • Strategy development for one's own professional biography
  • Role design as a (new) scientist
  • Personal motivation profile for leadership and management tasks
  • Obstacles and possibilities of overcoming them on the personal career path
  • Optimization of the course of studies
  • Learning difficulties: not getting into studying, not being able to concentrate on the subject matter, low motivation, procrastination behavior
  • Fear of exams and failure in exams
  • The feeling of being alone in studies
  • Feeling of being overburdened and overwhelmed
  • Dealing with stress and high workloa

Coaching for Female Scientists and Female Science Manager

Supervision and Team Development


We offer supervision especially for professional groups and employees with advisory activities within TUM. The focus is on the reflection of the counseling situations. In the form of case supervision, employees can bring in their own topics and cases from their everyday work that are reflected and worked on in a session moderated by the supervisor under a specific question. The case supervision serves the quality assurance of e.g. consultations and at the same time the relief of the employees, but also their development, since reflection and learning processes are initiated.
The TUM finances a maximum of 12 hours, the supervisor invoices us directly.

Team development / Change Processes

We support team development processes and change processes through workshops with internal / external coaches. The goal is to improve cooperation in order to ensure the performance of a team / group.
The TUM finances a maximum of 12 hours, the invoice is sent directly to us by the coach(es).

Not everything always runs smoothly during your studies. Being it an exam you cannot pass, an overwhelming amount of learning material or mercilessly running out of time. The team accompanies you in all situations in which you are not making the progress in your studies you would like to. The offer supports you in challenging times – to ensure you to be successful and satisfied in your studies.


Professional competence

  • Completed studies and 5 years of professional experience; in exceptional cases: completed professional training with additional education and 8 years of teaching experience or relevant professional experience
  • Coaching training (at least 150 attendance hours or training in at least 3 relevant methods in psychodrama, systemic constellation, etc.)
  • Experience as a coach, leadership experience*, self-awareness (50 hours), consulting experience within the training or supervision (min. 3 years)
  • Methodological competence (variety of methods; transparency and explainability of methods; concept of action; ability to recognize organizational patterns; communication skills; self-reflection; cognitive skills)

Personal competence

  • Humanistic understanding of values (appreciative attitude)
  • Neutrality / Confidentiality


  • Commitment to regular participation in advanced training / continuing education (at least 20 hours per year)
  • Participation in supervision and intervision
  • Existence of a system to measure the success of the assignments

*Depending on the target group of the coachees (students, scientists, professors), different degrees of leadership experience are necessary.