Support Program for Female Lecturers

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) considers equality and the promotion of diversity among its talents to be a moral mandate which is central to the TUM mission of excellence in research, teaching and innovation. A number of strategic measures and support formats are succeeding and have significantly increased the share of women at various career levels. For example, the TUM has succeeded in increasing the proportion of women among full-time TUM professors over the past 10 years from 9% (2007) to 20.9% (2020); among tenure-track professorships (>140 appointments since 2012), the share of women is 39%.

Increase the proportion of women among lecturers

However, there is great room for improvement in the share of women among the lecturers and honorary professors who enrich the teaching of TUM students with their diverse range of practical experience gained in business, politics and society. With a share of only 5%, women are sicnificantly underrepresented in this area.

In order to change this situation, TUM will provide newly recruited women lecturers with research assistants and material support for expanding the scope of their teaching materials and curricula.

Strengthen the structural basis for recruiting

Vice Deans Talent Management and Diversity will in the future intensify the proactive search for female lecturers at the executive level of the respective TUM Schools. TUM thus creating central responsibility at the School level and will be able to provide the best possible support for the individual efforts of our professors when recruiting lecturers.

Funds and allocation guidelines of the program

General conditions

  • Female lecturers who receive a teaching assignment at TUM for the first time are eligible to apply for funding.
  • Items necessary for teaching (software, materials, etc.) or necessary travel expenses to the lecturer's place of work can be claimed as material resources.
  • No funds will be paid directly to chairs or faculties / schools.

How to apply for funds

  • Complete the application form (in German; you are welcome to submit your application in English)
  • Upon positive review of the application, submit invoices for in-kind funds or the hiring proposal for research / student assistants. 
  • Send all documents to