Liesel Beckmann Symposium

The symposium aims to generate new ideas and concepts for gender and diversity related research at TUM and to help promote internal and external networking. With its national and international keynote speakers, the symposium serves as an opportunity to establish regional and transnational research collaborations concerning Gender & Diversity.

The Liesel Beckmann Symposium is organized by TUM Diversity in partnership with the TUM Institute for Advanced Study (TUM IAS).

For more information on Prof. Liesel Beckmann please see her biography on the TUM-IAS pages.

Former Liesel Beckmann Symposiums

2016 Ethical Counselling in the Age of Personalized Medicine and Diversity IssuesFlyer (PDF)


Early programming and prevention of cardiometabolic disease Flyer (PDF)
2014Diversity in Organizations Flyer (PDF), Poster (PDF)
2013Mein Informatik Puzzle Flyer (PDF), Poster (PDF)
2012Gender in Life Sciences Flyer (PDF), Poster (PDF)
2011Gender und Diversity in die Cluster. Neue Forschungsfelder für die TUMFlyer (PDF)
2010Gender in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Flyer (PDF),
Presentations and Workshops

2009   Gender in der Lehre Flyer (PDF),
Presentations and Workshops
2008   Gender in der Medizin Flyer (PDF)
2007   Gender- und Diversity-Aspekte in der Technikkultur Flyer (PDF)