Charta of Diversity

The TUM was the first German university to sign the Charta of Diversity on March 21, 2007. The initiative “Diversity as Chance – Corporate Charter of Diversity in Germany” is a fundamental declaration of fairness and appreciation for people in corporations and is under the patronage of Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel. In signing the Charter, companies obligate themselves to create a work environment free from prejudice and discrimination. The charter is designed to promote an open company culture based on mutual esteem and respect.
Among other things within the framework of the Charter, the TUM pledges to:

  • foster a company culture of mutual esteem and respect for every individual, and create the prerequisites for managers and employees to acknowledge, share and live these values. Executive officers assume a special obligation in this regard.
  • examine their personnel management processes and ensure that these processes do justice to the diverse competencies and talents of all employees, as well as their entitlement for benefits.
  • appreciate the diversity of society both inside and outside the company and recognize and utilize the potential that lies in this diversity.

You will find further information on the website of Charta of Diversity.

German Diversity Day

The day of awareness brings the concept of diverse teams and Diversity Management aspects into the world of work. The German Diversity Day takes place annually on the initiative of the Association Charta der Vielfalt e. V.

Since its signing, TUM has participated in this day with various actions. Click left in the navigation to have a look at the actions.