Equal Opportunity Officer at the TUM

Different to the university and faculty Gender Equality Officers, the Equal Opportunity Officer is responsible for employees supporting scientific research and education (science and research management).

With the consent of the General Staff Council, Dr. Clarissa Ruge was appointed Equal Opportunity Officer of the Technical University of Munich and Dr. Veronika Diem as her deputy for the term of office from March 20, 2023 to February 19, 2026.

Counseling and support in individual cases

The Equal Opportunity Officer  is the contact person for questions concerning equal opportunities and is available to advise and assist you in individual cases and works closely together with the TUM Board of Management’s "Diversity & Talent Management" division.

    The duties of the Equal Opportunity Officer are to

    • promote and monitor the implementation of the Bavarian Gender Equality Act (Bayerisches Gleichstellungsgesetz – BayGlG),
    • assist with the realization and perpetuation of gender equality concepts,
    • promote the enforcement of the Bavarian Gender Equality Act (BayGlG) with their own initiatives, improve the situation of women and the work-life balance with regard to the compatibility of family and work for women and men.

    In addition, the Equal Opportunity Officer is involved in all matters of the TUM that may be of fundamental significance for gender equality, combining family and work, as well as ensuring equal opportunities. Counseling on issues concerning equal opportunities and the support of employees in individual cases are also part of the tasks and duties of the Equal Opportunity Officer.
    The Bavarian state government has extended the Bavarian Gender Equality Act ( BayGIG) of 1996, which was valid until June 30, 2006, for an indefinite term.
    The object of this law is to establish equal opportunities for women and men in public service in Bavaria and, in accordance with the law, promote gender equality with due consideration for the primacy of aptitude, qualifications and professional achievements.

    Equal Opportunity Concept of the TUM

    You can find the documents and data on the equal opportunity concept of the TUM on the intranet.

    The aim of promoting gender equality is particularly to

    • increase the proportion of women in areas that have a significantly lower number of women employed than men in order to achieve a gender balance,
    • guarantee equal opportunities for women and men,
    • work towards increasing the compatibility of family and working life for women and men.