What it is about

We asked students, faculty and staff about their values. We want to find out and portray which personal attitudes and values are lived by at TUM, what drives and inspires people at TUM, what gives them strength, what makes them happy and what is important to them.

Dr. Eva Sandmann, TUM Gender Equality Officer and initiator: "I would like to thank everyone who met our interview questions with openness, heart and the willingness to self-reflect! Values in particular require reflection again and again, so that we understand for ourselves what the basis of our actions is. And of course people live their values in different ways. We should respect this and engage in changes of perspective. Technical University of Munich is diverse and yet we have so much in common. With the campaign, we want to inspire people to live and articulate their own values."

What we want to know

  1. What is really important to you?
  2. What makes you happy?
  3. What would you like to accomplish with your degree / your work / research / teaching?
  4. Which female researchers or women have inspired you?

What we want to achieve

- cultural change, to promote a culture of togetherness and diversity
- to invite viewers to reflect and to articulate their own values
- to highlight the value-based research, teaching, studying and work of TUM members
- to promote values-based discourse within science at TUM
- to promote discussion of moral and academic principles at TUM and beyond

How you navigate through the gallery

You have two options for viewing the interviews: Either broken down by the four questions or the respective complete interview. Click through in the main navigation on the left or on the respective question at the top of this page.

Who we are

An Initiative of the Technical University of Munich, led by the Gender Equality Officer, Dr. Eva Sandmann in cooperation with:

  • Project Management & Communications: Aljona Merk, TUM Gender Equality Office
  • Image, Sound, Make-Up: Astrid Eckert, TUM Corporate Communications Center, Photo Unit.
  • Creative Director: Patricia Severin, palmpictures
  • Postproduction: Christoph Lumpe, palmpictures
  • The interviews were conducted by Eva Sandmann and Aljona Merk.