Femtec - The Career-Building Programme for female students

The Program offers challenging career trainings, an inspirational encounter with career relevant topics, exclusive contact to exciting employers but also to universities and research institutes.

You are studying engineering- or natural science at TUM? You are dealing among other things with topics on mechanical engineering, electro-, energy- or information technology, on physics or specializations within one of them? You are studying cross-disciplinary subjects like Management & Technology? You strive for changes, want to give impulses and take the lead? Then you should apply for a scholarship for the careerbuildingprogram of Femtec!

The Careerbuildingprogram for female students will prepare you specifically for professional practice and future leadership roles. We offer challenging career trainings, an inspirational encounter with career relevant topics, exclusive contact to exciting employers but also to universities and research institutes.

Over a period of 3 semesters with 50 more technical engaged young women, you will get to know our company partners from this industry. You will expand your soft-skills, acquire management- and leading competencies and work together with one of our partner-company on possible solutions for current technical topics in an innovation-garage.

With an internship or a final thesis done in one of the partner-companies, you could also recommend yourself as a junior employee early on. Until then, you can use the individual counselling within the careerbuildingprogram, to define your personal profession- and career objectives and also to help you to realize them.

Focused STEM subjects

Electrical engineering or electronics, communication and information technology, chemistry, engineering informatics or computer engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering or engineering, mechatronics, microelectronics, automotive engineering, electronic energy technology, production engineering, computer and communication technologies, systems sciences, energy technology, physics, regenerative energies, physical engineering, materials technology, material sciences, industrial engineering and business informatics, logistics, medical engineering or life sciences.

Schoolgirl program of the Femtec Alumnae Association: Girls macht MI(N)T!

Girls macht MI(N)T!
6th and 7th grade students | half-day | in Munich

Female students and doctoral candidates of the TUM organize in Munich the Girls macht MI(N)T! - Workshop of the Femtec.Alumnae e.V. for 6th and 7th grade girls. In the workshop, the diversity of STEM becomes tangible through three experiments, as the schoolgirls can program a robot in small groups, conduct a chemistry experiment and drive a car with water. In addition, the Munich MINT women will be happy to answer questions from the schoolgirls about their everyday STEM lives. The experimentation morning has also been offered regularly in other German cities for about ten years by the Femtec.Alumnae e.V.

Girls macht MI(N)T! - Programming workshop for female students
From April 2021 | half-day

Female students and PhD students of TUM are active in the Femtec.Alumnae e.V. and have organized a virtual Girls macht MI(N)T! - Workshop for female students in 10th grade and above, which will be offered on a regular basis starting in April. In the four-hour workshop, the topic "Search, Sort, Google" is worked on with independent programming. Since the tasks are adapted to the previous knowledge of the participants, participation is possible with and without previous knowledge of programming.